Challenges: Opportunities to Grow, Learn, Share

Challenges can be hard. Challenges can be valuable.

They call into play the “React or Respond” reminder, the pause/detach/refocus response, the mantras of love as we address them, the resources and tools suggested by the ABC’S. Love: our guide in action; our guide in reaction. Challenges are myriad. They are exercises in resilience. Challenges enable choice. They cultivate creativity.

Challenges can grow us. They enable us to help and care for others in their times. Challenges can counsel the need for prudence, or a change of direction. They can warn of dangers: call into play the protective aspects of love of Self and Others.

Challenges can highlight the importance of support and care, both in the giving and the receiving. Challenges help weave the tapestry of interconnection in this real world. They may prompt the reaching out to a something greater for comfort, peace, hope and guidance. Meditation, prayer, stillness.

Challenges can be hard. Challenges are opportunities: to grow, to learn, to share.

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